The Delaware River Recreational Foundation is currently exploring opportunities to acquire a suitable riverfront property to serve as the site for a community boathouse, which would offer a place for safe storage of boats, on-land and in-river training, community meeting space and direct access to river. Instead of kayakers landing at difficult and sometimes hazardous exit points, we see them disembarking at a welcoming and safe site with convenient access to parking and facilities.  Instead of rowers storing and launching their shells at improvised outdoor sites, we see a well-organized boathouse serving as a center for the safe enjoyment of this increasingly popular sport. This is a priority for DRRF and one we are aggressively pursuing now.

To implement this ambitious agenda, DRRF programs will focus on the following areas:  providing hands-on training for competitive and recreational rowers of all ages, with emphasis on safety and proficiency; supporting river-based recreational activities and events for families and the community; developing water-sports interest in underserved demographic groups; helping local secondary schools to establish competitive rowing programs; and promoting community awareness of navigational and environmental challenges along the river.

Our initiatives are based on our desire to promote community health and wellness, using outdoor recreation to improve the lives of citizens of all ages. We are privileged to have the river as our neighbor and are therefore committed to environmental stewardship by helping to maintain and improve its beauty and vitality.

All of these activities pursued by DRRF will encourage a sustainable economy by using the river as an economic driver to help attract tourism. The sight of “dragon boats”, single sculls, kayaks and canoes contributes to the charm and ambience of the Lambertville-New Hope experience. DRRF will work to raise community awareness of our river as a unique regional asset to be enjoyed and preserved for future generations.